Ice Management Music & Artists

From Sam Evans~Sevans Productions/Petrol Records USA

I met Brenda when she came on board Petrol Records to
act as Chris Murphy's PA.  Brenda was a hard worker and very passionate, 2
qualities which as you know, are incredibly important.    I'm sure that
both these qualities are evident again with her passion for management in both for an artist and touring.. 
 Brenda is also an honest person - an attribute in any working
environment, that is crucial.

To build a great team of dedicated and passionate people around you like
Brenda,  will make the journey not only more successful but more
Best of luck.
Sam Evans

Sevans productions/Petrol Records Los Angeles

From Sunday Morning Ritual

Brenda of Ice Management & Productions has truly been a breath of fresh air for Sunday Morning Ritual. The moment she took a liking to our music she has relentlessly pushed the Sunday Morning Ritual name and product to everyone who is anyone within the industry and beyond. We all agree that Sunday Morning Ritual would not have nearly the fan base if not for the hard work and dedication that has been shown to us this past year and a half since working with Brenda (and we’re in the States mind you)….We hope to keep a relationship with Brenda and Ice Management & Productions for as long as she believes in Sunday Morning Ritual.  

 Thanks Brenda,


From Geordie Leach of Rose Tattoo & Padded Cell Productions

"Brendas organizational skills are excellent. Combined with her knowledge and the passion she has for her work, due to her vast experience, makes for a very smooth and productive working relationship."
Service Category: Personal Manager/ Agent.
Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

From Sally Porteous of Mustang Promotions

"Brenda is the working gears behind many of Mustang Promotions' projects. Brenda's ability to take a list of tasks and get them done efficiently and swiftly is a core strength for our organisation. Secondly, when the task is something a little out of the box, Brenda's resourcefulness comes to the fore and without exception she comes up with the solution.

We're looking forward to working with Brenda and Ice Management more and more in 2009 and if you need someone to get in and get the job done, I highly recommend you speak to Brenda in the first instance."

From David Burr~Cinematographer

I've known Brenda both personally and professionally for over 20 
 years.  I worked with her when she was a film and TV Production Manager and then 
 later as Producer and was most 
 impressed by her intelligent, efficient and reliable approach to 
 her work, and her warmth and friendliness to cast and crew.   I 
 worked with her over a 10 year period on many different projects 
 and greatly admired her skill and diplomacy in dealing with many 
 different and sometimes difficult personalities in the advertising and film 

 Although it's some time since we've worked together she has 
 remained a generous, considerate, and loyal friend.

 I am thrilled to hear she has moved into managing Australian bands and tour managing.  I 
 have no hesitation in recommending her in that role.
 David Burr

From Tamer Lee~Humonic

Humonic have recently joined Ice Management & Productions, with Brenda Vincent as our representative. We travelled to Queensland recently to do a few shows and Brenda was hard working, well-organised and professional. Our show in Brisbane was a major success and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Brenda. We wish her all the best in managing other tours that may come her way. We recommend her to anyone considering Brenda for future work in the music business.


From Nathan Ward~The Driving Conditions

We worked with Brenda Vincent and her company Ice Management & Productions from August 2007 through to February 2008. During that time Brenda was hard working, dedicated and handled our shows with professionalism and much passion. Brenda is well organised in co-ordinating promotion, production, liaising with clients and venues and  helped us achieve airplay in the UK, reviews, and interviews amongst other duties performed by her as our manager and tour co-ordinator. We wish Brenda the best in her future endeavours to continue managing tours and we hope to work with her again in the future.


The Driving Conditions

Nathan Ward